The City of Little Falls has launched a new 311 app for iOS and Android phones and on the new City website.

What is a 311 app? Basically, it’s a type of citizens’ hotline that uses an app on your phone or the city’s website. It’s a simple way for you to report problems or ask questions about your community without tying up emergency lines or going through a municipal phone number.

Submitting a request via the app or website is immediately forwarded to the correct department to fix the problem or answer your question.

The 311 system started in Baltimore in 1996 as an informational system but quickly evolved into a way to address non-emergency concerns throughout the city. Today, cities across the US and Canada have implemented similar 311 systems.

Today’s solutions have evolved to include self-service channels, which allow citizens to get the help they need while also helping local governments get actionable data to benefit the community.

Typically, the quality of mobile app requests is much higher thanks to features allowing residents to submit photographs or GPS coordinates.

Mayor Deborah A. Kaufman stated, “I’m really excited about the rollout of the 311 app. This will really transform the way we manage and handle complaints and input from the public. It’s all about efficiency. The system is an interesting blend of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a project management system.”

“Here, you can actually allocate people and resources to a problem and elevate it automatically. It’s more collaborative than just filing a complaint or leaving a voicemail,” she said.

Kaufman said the data is sent immediately when you submit the request. “From there, it’s elevated to the correct department. At any point in time, we’ll be able to see where we are on each entry.”

She said, “It’s the kind of efficiency you find in a much larger city, but now you’re finding communities worldwide adopting it. It’s just a more efficient and modern way to communicate with the community’s citizens, and I’m excited that we’re enabling something like this in Little Falls.”

If you have an emergency, such as a serious injury or fire in your home, remember to call 911. However, your local non-emergency services can be just as effective in other situations using our new 311 app. To download it, scan the QR code below or search for City of Little Falls 311 in your favorite app store.