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Why cycle in Little Falls?

The City of Little Falls has much to offer cyclists of all kinds. Designated as an Empire State Trail Town, we work hard to make your cycling trip, whether down the Erie Canalway Trail or on your way to work, enjoyable and safe.

Parks & Trails New York’s Empire State Trail Town Program recognizes and supports New York’s exceptional trailside communities. Communities demonstrate their singular commitment and willingness to leverage the full economic potential of the Empire State Trail through a competitive application process.

This popular program, now entering its third year, is designed to guide communities and build their capacity through identifying methods to capitalize on their location on the longest single-state, multi-use trail in the nation–the Empire State Trail. The goals of the ten-month program are twofold: to increase opportunities for residents to access high-quality recreational opportunities and to create trail-friendly destinations where visitors want to stay, explore, and spend.

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Cycle the Erie Canal

Every summer, cyclists leave their cars behind in Buffalo to pedal along the historic Erie Canalway Trail to Albany for Parks & Trails New York’s annual Cycle the Erie Canal bike tour.

The 400-mile journey along the legendary Erie Canal ends in Albany eight days later. Along the way, cyclists enjoy some of the finest scenery, most interesting history, and unparalleled cycling in the United States.

Covering between 40 and 60 miles per day, cyclists travel along the Erie Canalway Trail, which is now more than 85 percent complete.

The Trail runs straight through the City of Little Falls, and the Cycle the Erie Canal event will pass through here on Friday, July 12, 2024.

Empire State Trail Town Information

The Erie Canalway Trail runs straight through the City of Little Falls, and we have a long history of supporting cycling events, as well as the manufacturing of bicycles.

To learn more about what the City has to offer with regard to the Empire State Trail Town designation and see an interactive map of the trail through the community, please click on the button below. (coming soon)

Bike Friendly New York

Bike Friendly New York (BFNY) is a bicycle-friendly certification program that was launched in 2017.

Administered by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) and the New York State Canal Corporation, BFNY aims to recognize and promote businesses that provide special accommodations for bicyclists. A wide range of businesses, including restaurants and bars, lodging, shops, and museums, can apply for bike-friendly certification.

If you are a business in Little Falls and are interested in this designation, please email

Overnight Camping

There are two locations where cyclists can overnight camp in Little Falls. One is along the trail in the harbor area, and the other is Moreland Park.

The (Canal Season) rates for the harbor are:

$20/per person
Maximum two nights
Free shower
Free Wifi
Kayak Rental $5/hr

If you are interested in making a reservation, email


If you’re not the adventurous type who wants to camp out under the stars, there are other options for you.

Little Falls has a large number of Airbnb locations within the City. Just search their website for the best deals.

We also have a Rodeway Inn, which is currently undergoing renovations. However, part of it is open, and the rest is near completion.

The Inn at Stone Mill is also another great location to stay within the City and close to the trail. It is certified bike-friendly.

Empire State Trail Through Little Falls

(Shown in Red)

Cycle in Little Falls

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