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No matter what time of the year you’re here to film, the Little Falls Film Commission is ready to handle all of your needs!

The Little Falls Film Commission

The purpose of the Little Falls Film Commission is to promote the City as film-friendly and serve as a go-between for production companies who want to do business within the City and surrounding area.

Industries like motion pictures, television, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, and still photography are supported by the Little Falls Film Commission. #filmlittlefalls

For more information, visit https://creativeoutpost.org/film-commission/

Dynamic Place to Film

New York State has it all – top-tier talent, crews, state-of-the-art facilities, competitive tax credits, and versatile locations that can double for anywhere in the world.

New York State has become an epicenter of innovative film and television creators, artists and companies, and film and TV production represents one of the fastest growing, and largest, sectors of the state’s economy.

Not only is New York State a great place for film and TV production – film and TV production is great for New York State.

“A Quiet Place” 

The normally busy center of the city of Little Falls was made to look like a deserted area with patches of grass placed in the middle of the street with other portions of the road and vehicles covered in dust.

This was all for the Paramount Pictures film “A Quiet Place,” starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

“I Was There”

Little Falls was the home to filming in December, and it wasn’t just a one-minute spot in a major motion film. A short documentary or narrative piece directed by Nic Phelps called “I Was There” is a powerful short film about Veteran’s Suicide and some of the most powerful imagery in the film was shot right here in Little Falls.

Dan Enea was involved in donating his facility for part of the filming. “We were working on storyboards for the video and I asked if he could get access to a flag-draped coffin and he said ‘Are you kidding me?’”

Fortress Entertainment Group

The company has entered into a three-picture deal with Damascus Road Productions, underscoring different aspects of World War II with an emphasis on the Holocaust.

According to Ted Farnsworth, President of the company, they’ve done a lot of scouting in Syracuse, Utica, and now Little Falls. “There are a lot of buildings here where you can really see the visuals.”

Farnsworth said, “It’s a pretty large budget for the three films, coming in at between fifteen and twenty million each. We’ll do a theatrical release, and Sony Pictures is our partner on this for distribution.”

The Cabin, by Casey Baker

Another movie producer is taking a hard look at producing his film in Little  Falls. The Cabin, by Casey Baker, is about James, who seemingly has it all: the girl, the house in the city, and the fancy job. After being named CEO of his company, James goes away for a weekend and comes back to find his office romance scandal has been leaked and he must resign immediately. 

Baker feels that not only is Little Falls a great location for The Cabin, but he’s also looking at shooting another movie in the area as well, one that is a semi-autobiographical mother/son story that he wrote.

Locally Created Film Accepted into Film Festivals

ACT 1: ICU, a film produced by local Hannah Straney was selected for the 2023 ADF’s Movies by Movers Film Festival as one of 15 films presented during their online showcase. The film was also selected for the 2023 DANCE CAMERA ISTANBUL – Impro Dance Fest.

The film was supported by local donations and businesses and involved a teaching component, where students from Little Falls High School spent two hours on the set getting instruction on everything from cameras to the creativity involved in shooting this kind of project.

Film Friendly

Plan your production visit today!

Jay Stern with Boone Entertainment said, “what we look for, and what I’m really impressed by in Little Falls, is the variety, which means that we can shoot the entire thing in one location.”

“It looks to me like there are a lot of beautiful old buildings and a lot of different sorts of beautiful scenery. So anything that’s suburban in nature, we can probably shoot here. Something that’s rural we can shoot here, something that needs old historical buildings, we can shoot here as well.”

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