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Orlando and Rachelle Guitian

We come from big cities – Miami and Houston. They’re not ideal for families – a lot of people, a lot of crime. We wanted to give our son a more wholesome environment where he could just be a kid. There’s very little traffic here, and believe it or not, traffic is a huge stress factor. We don’t have that anymore. It’s just a very different lifestyle. People don’t understand that. They’re so concerned with moving from a big city to a little town because they think there might be nothing to do. We have more to do here than we did in Houston. And that’s saying a lot. But we find ourselves more fulfilled here and that we have better friendships and richer relationships.

Daniel Preston & Nathalia Hamid

I started having children too late. I am blessed to have my son. A big part of my decision to move to Little Falls was to raise him here. The way I see it, there are two possible outcomes. My son will marry his high school first love and have a family: giving me a chance to live long enough to see a  grandchild. Or he will have higher ambitions, leave Little Falls to do what he has to do, and return to Little Falls when it’s his time to have a family. Either way I’m happy and would’ve provided continuity in my life to him, and for him to his children. I think people here take for granted that continuity is normal, but I can tell you it’s increasingly rare and something to be protected.

Deborah A. Kaufman

When I was growing up, I never realized how special this place was. I left and made a career for 33 years in Texas and travelled all over the world and had the opportunity to do some amazing things. But when it came time to retire, I couldn’t think of a better place than my home town of Little Falls. There’s just something perfect about this City. People watching out for other people, everybody knows your name, you go into places, they remember you and talk to you about your friends, and family. It’s a feeling like no other place.

Wanda Faith Sewell

As my thirteenth year of living in Little Falls approaches, I’m mindful of the blessing it has been. I enjoy all the celebrations we have here, love participating in our yearly Art Walk during the summer, and I also enjoy attending the same church where the writer of our Pledge was ordained. I love all the parks we have available to us here as well. Coming to Little Falls is no ordinary leap. You step into a world of unusual beauty, as only the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains can afford. Being here has allowed me to capture some of this beauty with my camera, and it has brought a lot of joy to me.

Brandon Mosher

Little Falls is a wonderful community, looking at real property over the last couple of years. We’ve really ticked up with the events and festivals, Garlic and Cheese Festivals just to mention two. It’s really created a true sense of community and people have really come together, understanding that it creates a place where people want to come and live. Now we have this great problem where everyone wants to move here and nobody wants to move out. We have a wonderful mixture of prosperity, new businesses coming into town, and just that close knit feel with a small town community that’s starting to show fantastic growth.

Mayor Mark Blask

I am grateful every day that I get to be the Mayor of such a super cool place. I left Little Falls after high school and joined the Navy. My 27+ year career took me all over the globe – but there was always only one “home”. My wife and I decided to move back to Little Falls after the military because we wanted our youngest son to enjoy the awesome childhood we both had. People sometimes ask what the best thing about Little Falls is and it doesn’t take me long to answer: the absolute sense of community you feel here. Sure, it’s also safe, walkable, beautiful, comfortable and inexpensive – but a lot of places have some of those traits. What sets us apart is the special feeling you have living here: the warm understanding that we are all in this together. I absolutely love Little Falls; there’s just no place like it.

Erynn Lowery

After living in Manhattan for the last nine years, I returned to Little Falls with my daughter so that she could have a stress-free childhood full of opportunities similar to the one I had. So many of my friends either stayed after high school or returned after experiencing other cities in order to create an idyllic life here. The schools are fantastic, there are plenty of activities and events, and there is a true sense of community. Little Falls and the surrounding areas have so much to offer, and I can’t wait to experience it all again through my daughter’s eyes.

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